Webdav client to sync files across partners


First off, I’m not an ICT/security expert, not by far.

I use Whonix to hide an identity, yet do not live in a highly compromised country. My computer use is not critical, yet strongly prefer to be anonymous.
I need a way to sync my files to my local Whonix (ran in virtualbox), with a cloud/webdav, so I can share docs our team works on. For the ease of use, I would need:

  1. Cloud host that allows tor connections
  2. A webdav client to sync my files

Are there any users who can point me to the right direction?

Thanks a lot.

Good day,

First of all moved this to general discussion, since this question isn’t really that Whonix specific

Secondly, for what you are trying to accomplish, I’d recommend renting an owncloud-server, since Owncloud supports WebDAV (https://doc.owncloud.org/server/7.0/user_manual/files/files.html) and such servers are often cheap to rent. Just keep in mind that unless you find a hoster which allows you to pay with a cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin, etc.) and doesn’t need a lot of credentials from you, you won’t be able to stay anonymous with this.

Personally I can recommend noez.de, a German hoster, with whom I’ve had good experiences in the past. They are (at least by European standards) rather cheap and accept Bitcoins, however, they do need your address and name due to legislation applying to them.

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I’m not sure this is not Whonix specific. For I presume that there are few clients which allow connecting over TOR. Not to mention that I’m not sure if this poses security threads installing a specific client for webdav within a Whonix setup.

I work with webdav and specifically OwnCloud, so I do understand how it works. Not though through TOR/Whonix.

Second, the cloud hosts are the issue and I have been looking around and not found a single one allowing connecting over TOR. Hence the questions, for I assume that Whonix users have experience with the matter.

Any comments are welcome.

Good day,

Yes, it is Tor (not TOR) specific, though not Whonix specific. Anything applying to a Debian System connected via Tor would also apply to Whonix. That’s why this better fits in “General Tor Talk”.

Not sure what you specifically mean but accessing a server of any kind is the same when done via just Tor on the host, as it would be via Whonix. Whonix doesn’t modify Tor in any way which is why the same things apply.

For that information the Tor Project actually has their own wiki page: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/GoodBadISPs Any hoster who allows providing Tor Exit nodes usually shouldn’t filter Tor traffic of any kind.

Have a nice day,


Thanks, my bad.

A lack of understanding, but thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.

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