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Waydroid and whonix

I’m trying to run Way-droid on Whonix but having some issues since dnsmasq is not giving dhcp to the lxc container.

Any help would be great, I think a guide on running android inside whonix would be a great addition to the wiki since many operations require phone apps.

These are the step i took so far

  1. Adding the repo
export DISTRO="bullseye" && \
sudo scurl -Sf https://repo.waydro.id/waydroid.gpg --output /usr/share/keyrings/waydroid.gpg && \
echo "deb [signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/waydroid.gpg] tor+https://repo.waydro.id/ $DISTRO main" > ~/waydroid.list && \
sudo mv ~/waydroid.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/waydroid.list && \
sudo apt update
  1. Installing

sudo apt install waydroid -y

  1. Starting the init process and downloading images.

sudo waydroid init

  1. Editing conf files for vm support

nano /var/lib/waydroid/waydroid_base.prop

change these

  1. Start

sudo systemctl start waydroid-container

or manually with

sudo waydroid container start
  1. Xfce is using x11 so we have to use a wayland compositor
sudo apt install weston
setsid weston &
  1. Adjust the window size and then enter this in the terminal

XDG_SESSION_TYPE=wayland waydroid show-full-ui

This should start android with a full ui

Currently I I’m not recieving dhcp from dnsmasq.

I tried to restart the script installed at


the bridge interface is created but when I enter the console I do not receive any dhcp

sudo wayland shell
ip a

That would be good.

Just a guess: There’s no DHCP server installed in Whonix-Workstation. Therefore the container might not get an internal IP from DHCP.

Another guess:
Whonix-Workstation Firewall - Whonix might interfere. Try either:

Allowing UDP fixed the issue, I can now download apps from F-Droid after installing it with sudo waydroid app install <downloaded fdroid apk >

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I have Waydroid working on what (last time I checked was yesterday) is the latest version of whonix on KVM this is because Anbox sadly did not work. I have also managed to get some APKs on there and they work.

While this is all good, I am experiencing some issues, namely that the waydroid setup I have going right now does not seem to be connected to the internet, which I require for the task I am doing, as it requires a connection. I suspect that this could be related to the firewall in whonix, as I saw in a past question about waydroid where the user solved their problem by allowing UDP (I think), and it was for a network related issue. I completed the steps in the wiki and nothing seems to have changed.

Anybody else using waydroid on whonix waydroid with this problem? Also if anyone answering wants more details about my problem feel free to HMU