Way to access the internet without ISP?

Is there a way to access the internet without an ISP or going to a public library or bar for their free WIFI spot? I am kind of an anonymity freak and looking for some experts’ advice in the same field.

Thanks in advance for your reply!

To access internet an ISP is required. Public library, bars use ISPs for internet access. So the answer is no.

Perhaps you are asking the wrong question?



Beware the powers that be have programs to capture and track MAC addresses in real time from public Wifi hotspots. You must use a never used before “burner” USB Wifi adapter and make sure you are not sitting in range of CCTV cams.


Thanks for your reply! Very much appreciated!

I thought that using Whonix workstation and gateway will make it impossible to track the MAC address of your host computer. Could you please help me out regarding this?

Thanks in advance!

Right, it will mask the real MAC address from viruses in the Whonix Workstation. However to use the internet, your real computer must have a MAC address on the public hotspot you connect from. This MAC address could be enough to allow tracking your movement from the airport to a cafe or a public library across your city which is undesirable in some cases.

To get around it you can use macchanger which is not always guaranteed to work or you can use the wifi stick method for best results.

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Thanks for your help! Appreciated :)!

thank you so much, i am very thankful for this!!!

Hi Porter1P

Welcome to the community! Glad you found this thread helpful. The Whonix wiki is also a great resource to find answers.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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