watch adobe flash videos anonymously? there is way!

Whonix , like tails have stream isolation , however whonix is more secure, is possible to install adobe flash player and enable it and have still anonymity in whonix and tails , and that is not possible without stream isolation, that makes after all whonix and tails so special. If we want to watch videos online we can install adobe flash player -browser plugin (flashplugin-nonfree package) on whonix workstation , but in latest whonix, latest tor browser can’t show the flash videos even if install adobe flash player and enable it , for example in that sites cant show the flash content : and
.So that’s the way : iceweasel is installed by default in whonix , we go to : edit\preferences\advanced\network\settings , check manual proxy configuration , on socks host : , on port : 9150 , we select socks v5 , and check remote DNS , these settings are the same in tor browser bundle by default, then : install https everywhere , noscript, and betterprivacy , betterprivacy need some configuration for delleting cookies automatically , i remember betterprivacy was recommended in whonix additionally for adobe flash player . If we wand to make new identity (iceweasel have not torbuton) we can go to gateway and use the restart tor, the reload firewall and the arm tor controller. Thats it ! now can watch any video anonymously , and if visit a site that show your ip online like your ip is steel a tor ip because of stream isolation , another way on whonix is with vlc player , we can use the network stream * in kvm the vlc crash the guest , there is a successfully workaround in whonix documentation, and in whonix the anonymity of vlc player works (i dont know if must setup for stream isolation), mean by that , in tails probably not . vlc player can’t help allways because can’t show the content of a page but only a video on a page and may the site need adobe flash for show.

At the end is not good idea because of fingerprint browser , the pseudoanonymity ,
so its more secure to have the default browser installed (tbb) but can’t watch flash videos online unfortunetly. at last whonix give the pseudoanonymity with adobe flash player plugin. And with tbb without whonix have not anonymity nor pseudoanonymity if install adobe flash plugin.

Consider the plugin usage pseudonymous rather than anonymous, so in whonix and tails can’t have adobe flash plugin anonymous but pseudonymous.

Tails folks prepared a good list of Flash alternatives, see Tails Flash support:

And there write: JDownloader was suggested by an user.
That is my confirmation for successfully use of JDownloader inside whonix workstation , works with vimeo, and with allmost i know sites .



I had some problems with that. When I try to play my video - program shows me error. Can you help me?