Network stream of vlc player not work anymore on whonix nor host, but why?

I have not money for donate whonix i am sorry, so my thanks again to whonix forums.
-That is writed for anonymous flash videos online with Whonix-
I remember i was use network stream on vlc player inside whonix workstation for watching flash videos online , because adobe flash plugin consider pseudonymous rather anonymous on tbb inside whonix,
i remember that works on whonix workstation and on host to, but last days i try to use it and not work , nor on host ! i try several workaround for days : reinstall vlc , reset to defaults vlc, the last day i download the latest whonix kvm images (clean) * aplyed to the workaround for vlc crash on kvm and nor that works! JDownloader works on whonix workstation for watching flash videos online anonymously but if want to watch a video from the midle to the end for example must wait for downloading , with network stream of vlc player not need to wait for that so its better , but why not work? help please , as that is very important for whonix project, (that need for sites like vimeo, because youtube for example not need adobe flash plugin).

I speculate, it’s an open research question if streaming (using VLC) may be pseudonymous rather than anonymous also. Haven’t really heard of this and I don’t know any protocol analysis or cleanup tool. I guess downloading the video would leak less data. On the first thought, I would not leak when you pause / resume a video or to which marks you jump.

I don’t know.

Try this:

Might not be Whonix or VLC issue, just wrong URL.

If that doesn’t work:
search “vlc network stream vimeo”

Or it might be protocol related. http is no problem obviously but rtp doesn’t always play well with Tor (my experience with voip).

Nothing from there works either.

Tested… Working (sometimes)

Specific to Vimeo (maybe change title of thread).

Played video successfully 2/3 times. Could not open link on initial attempt. Was the circuit too slow? Timeout? Or maybe is blocking Tor exit nodes? Need more tries, different circuits…

Solution find at last :

  • For first note that is a clean private way and not pseudoprivate , as the vlc streaming inside whonix have not fingerprint protection like TBB , plus must not install flash plugin on TBB , so the solution is : right click on video area , then view page source , inside that file can found the source of video file (other site) then copy and paste to site like and download it from there , as if try to just copy and paste the ususual url video will not work because must is installed adobe flash plugin on TBB to show the source url.
    that’s it .
    My special thanks to Patrick and entr0py