Vps & Whonix or shall I go dedicated


I’ve been looking into purchasing my first vps, the one I am looking at comes with vmware. I would need to install vnc and kde desktop after I had installed both would it be fine to use whonix inside another vm virtualbox/kvm etc?

So far i’ve only used whonix on my home machines and I have no vps experience, so i’m sorry if this is a newbie question.

Or would it be better to use a dedicated server ?

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Depends on wether the hoster allows nested virtualization.

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Ok thank you I will check with the host.

Is it true that the VPS host can see what I am running on my VPS, if one was to run a hidden service from a VPS is this considered a bad idea? I can get a dedicated server for only a few $ more per month.

This would be my first hidden service and would be 100% legal, but that doesn’t mean I want the VPS host to be able to see my content.

I am wanting to set up the hidden service to get my feet wet so to speak and learn.

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Yes, as the proider/server hoster always has both physical access and often also access via backups, etc.

Well, if you only access the VPS via Whonix, have the ability to pay anonymously/pseudononymously and don’t have anything which could be tied to you as a person anywhere on that server, there shouldn’t be anyway of linking what is on there with you. If you can (i.e. have a Root server), encrypt everything on there too with FDE, as this will prevent accessing your data via backup or while the servers are powered down.

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what does FDE means?

Full Disk Encryption