VPS over whonix

Hi all , i have question if i use VPS over whonix that’s mean all the trafic go trough the TOR network automaticly ?

Dabi31 via Whonix Forum:

VPS over whonix

Ambiguous terminology. That cold mean many things. Please elaborate what
you mean.

I mean using VPS over tor network.

and all my trafic will goes through tor ?

Quote from our wiki. Not 100% on point but you get the idea. “Over Tor” and “thorugh Tor” can mean many things.

Terminology for Support Requests

Phrases such as “over Tor” are ambiguous. Please do not coin idiosyncratic words or phrases, otherwise this leads to confusion. Please use the same terms that are consistently referenced in documentation, such as:

  • How to Connect to a VPN Before Tor (User -> VPN -> Tor -> Internet).
  • How to Connect to Tor Before a VPN (User -> Tor -> VPN -> Internet).
  • And so on.

Always refer to the connection scheme when requesting support: User -> VPN -> Tor -> Internet or User -> Tor -> VPN -> Internet and so on.

If you buy a VPS at an external server while you are using Whonix (or not), and if you use a VPS while you are using Whonix (or not): the traffic originating from the VPS doesn’t get automatically torified, no. Not sure that’s the answer to the question you’re asking. Hence asking for clarification of the question.

Sorry i’m really bad with english …

my question is if i’m using VPS over tor ,
so all the traffic will be throuh tor or not?

What Patrick is saying is tell us your connection scheme i.e. “VPS over Tor” = ?

Is it:

A) User -> Tor -> VPN -> Internet


B) User -> VPN -> Tor -> Internet

Which one?

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User < tor < vps < internet

i said vps not vpn

Yes. The traffic from you to the VPS goes through Tor. The traffic from the VPS onward doesn’t (unless you install Tor on the VPS as well and use it).


Hi Dabi31

The terminology you are using is causing a bit of confusion.

What your asking is: Will my traffic exit from the VPS as encrypted Tor traffic or Clearnet traffic.

Answer: Your traffic will exit from the VPS as clearnet traffic.

User -> Tor -> VPS -> (this connection if not over Tor) -> Internet

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