VPNs and proxies known to work over Whonix Gateway? for User-Tor-VPN

I have used Windows, Ubuntu and Whonix Workstation with Gateway, and found that while free web vpns (kind you find in web search for ‘free vpns’) I tested do work on Whonix Workstation when set up via command line, I can’t really get anything else to work, on any platform. Nothing connects. And I don’t want to use those web vpns long term because I don’t know how secure they are.

I’ve tried AirVPN, Private Internet Access and CyberGhost to no avail. They didn’t work with their default clients or over OpenVPN. I tried setting up PIA both via client and manually on my windows 7 vm and I still had no success connecting. Doing some research, my finding is that many or most vpns rely on more diverse protocols than Tor supports (only TCP vs UDP and others I’ve never heard of before), which causes them to fail to connect. I don’t really know what to try at this point or if it is even possible to use a normal VPN over Tor. I have read the literature you have on the site repeatedly and still am not sure what to do. I am at the limit of what I can do here.

So, has anyone ever actually used a commercial, private VPN with or without client over Tor using Whonix? Please mention any/all services that work in your experience, if any. If you’ve used any of the three I mentioned, can you think of anything I may have done wrong or any error you had like mine that you got over? (my error is that they simply never connect) Preferably a VPN I can pay with using bitcoin. Is there a way to get any of those three I mentioned to work on a TCP-only mode that Tor would play nice with?

My only other idea is to beg the vpn provider to make their product compatible with whonix/tor.

Thank you to anyone who replies in advance.

Have used https://www.vpnbook.com/ for tor-vpn, works good (i know its free)

could you pls describe the problem with airvpn? did you try to establish connection via terminal?

what comm vpns did you try to use also?

and yes, its a very good topic, will be happy to see other users answers about comm vpns and their usage

i have used secureline vpn from avast anti-virus it was fast but its unsafe from the gov, and i have used many vpns but the problem is not witha vpns itself but with trusting in their providers what do i mean by this: if u r using vpn and u r trying to hide ur work or u dont like someone watching u doing it well:
1-if u r hiding ur work from hackers most vpns provides security and they r truthful about it
2-if u r hiding from the gov well this is the problem, u need to find a trustful vpn that doesnt give ur infos to the gov (which has no logs , no…etc)
and there r some vpns saying that but the problem that u cant check if what they r saying is the truth except about trustiness with ur feelings or someone told u that it is really safe rather than that i didnt find a way that u can really know…

e.g of goods vpns i find it good for use: hide.me , airvpn

What do you guys think about Vip72 at vip72.com for VPN service?
They use bitcoins.
Has anyone got this to work with Whonix?

i didnt use it , but be careful from whom u r hiding urself to use vpn ? (read what i have typed above)