Could you tell me if I am doing it right?

I would like to create following tunnels: VPNa->TOR->VPNb

To create first part VPNa->TOR (VPN through Tor?) I just have to follow this instruction (Whonix-Gateway): Combining Tunnels with Tor

To create VPNb tunnel it should be OK if I run openvpn to VPNb inside Whonix-Workstation.

As a result:

  • VPNa provider would know my real IP
  • Tor entry node would know my VPNa IP
  • VPNb provider would know Tor exit node IP

Is it correct?


Unless you messed up the terminology… It should work as you think.

Thank you for your answer!

What do you mean? Have I swapped “entry node” with “exit node”? Or there is something else?

Thank you!

VPNa->TOR (VPN through Tor?)
Seems wrong.

You get best certainty, if you use the exact same or very close vocabulary, notations from documentation. For example…

user -> VPN -> Tor
Tunnel Tor through VPN

Copy and paste. This gets you closed to the minds of everyone who has write/read it as well. Less interpretation required for the ones reading your question. Therefore your chances of being understood what you wanted to say and therefore getting the right answer increase.

Ah, now I see it. Yep, I was thinking about “Tor through VPN”, but wrongly c’n’p from different article.

Thank you for pointing this out!