VPN With Whonix Question


Just wondering if this is setup and safe.

I am using

Host (VPN) —> then Whonix Gateway + Workstation ----> Chronium Browser with VPN Browser Extension

Will my connection be going through host VPN then the tor circuit then the browser

My IP —> VPN on host —> (Whonix) TOR —> TOR ----> TOR ----> Browser VPN

Or do to change my network adapter settings in the VM

Also if the browser extension VPN gave logs would the connection show the tor exit node

Thanks :slight_smile:

Are you sure you’re not connecting to the first VPN through Whonix/tor ?

Assuming your first VPN is working then yeah. Check your public IP address to confirm your browser is using its own VPN.

I connect to my vpn (Mullvad) on my host PC then start up whonix gateway then the whonix workstation I then use my browser in the whonix station with the vpn extension on it. It shows my VPN IP when using the browser I’m just wondering if the browser VPN was to give logs would it show the tor exit node and such

Pretty much just wanting to know if my network traffic is going Start Host VPN -->Start Whonix/Gateway and station TOR ----> Browser VPN

It has to. The traffic going out of the Whonix workstation is all torrified.

Yeah, was just abit confused though as the speed was fairly quick so was thinking maybe its not going through tor but thanks for your reply :smiley: