VPN > TOR > VPN benefits and drawbacks

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By chance, I wanted to made up a topic that is raising me a concern. Perhaps I am not on the intended section but if you could collaborate on this I would be appreciated.

I wonder if:
I have an Asus wrtmertin router connected to my ISP’s router
I connect my Asus router to NordVPN using OpenVPN and check “redirect all internet traffic”
I enable and check the “Tor” option on this router to “redirect all internet traffic”
I use my computer connected to this router to connect to CyberGhost VPN

In order to achieve:
VPN 1: Hide to my ISP that I am using Tor
Tor: Protect me from being traced back
VPN 2: Hide to websites that I am leaving a tor exit node

1- Would it have any either privacy or annonimity drawback?
2- Would this setup work as I have described/assumed here?

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Privacy and anonymity is massively reduced. Do not do this unless you have a very good reason to do so. Read Tor Browser Essentials:


Yes, a VPN after Tor will hide the fact that you are using Tor to a website. The easiest way to do this (not recommended!) is to install a non-Tor browser in the Whonix workstation, and connecting to a VPN with a browser plugin.

If https://check.torproject.org/ says that you are not connected to Tor (within the Whonix workstation) you’re successfully using Tor > VPN.

The docs generally agree that vpn > tor is only useful to hide from ISP that u use tor. But then again your vpn becomes your “isp”. So make sure they keep no logs and pay with crypto. Then again, many of vpns who claimed to no log have lied in history and paying anonymously with crypto is a whole another universe and I am trying to figure it out.

But this reply comes too late anyway, so who gives a shit XD

But what is the purpose of paying anonymously if you connect with your real IP anyway?

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I have heard and read that “they” always first go for the payment methods. Money is the best trail. Its not that easy to find who accesed specific site with commercial vpns, since milions of people connect to same servers. I AM NOT AN EXPERT. I have thought of using free public wifis, but then again, they could be survellanced even more