VPN > TOR > VPN benefits and drawbacks

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By chance, I wanted to made up a topic that is raising me a concern. Perhaps I am not on the intended section but if you could collaborate on this I would be appreciated.

I wonder if:
I have an Asus wrtmertin router connected to my ISP’s router
I connect my Asus router to NordVPN using OpenVPN and check “redirect all internet traffic”
I enable and check the “Tor” option on this router to “redirect all internet traffic”
I use my computer connected to this router to connect to CyberGhost VPN

In order to achieve:
VPN 1: Hide to my ISP that I am using Tor
Tor: Protect me from being traced back
VPN 2: Hide to websites that I am leaving a tor exit node

1- Would it have any either privacy or annonimity drawback?
2- Would this setup work as I have described/assumed here?

Hopefully we can sort this out mates
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Privacy and anonymity is massively reduced. Do not do this unless you have a very good reason to do so. Read Tor Browser Essentials:


Yes, a VPN after Tor will hide the fact that you are using Tor to a website. The easiest way to do this (not recommended!) is to install a non-Tor browser in the Whonix workstation, and connecting to a VPN with a browser plugin.

If https://check.torproject.org/ says that you are not connected to Tor (within the Whonix workstation) you’re successfully using Tor > VPN.