vpn question to newbie

i have whonix gateway and the windows host machine connected to gateway.if i install vpn to the windows host machine.Ok i know vpn see all my traffic but vpn see my real ip or vpn see traffic come from tor network.

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The latter. When using Whonix, there is currently no known way that anything inside the Workstation may find out yout real IP.

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if i use a teamviewer teamviewer use udp to connect teamviewer servers any change?

What does this mean?

Windows Host



Ego’s answer is for B.

If A, then VPN will see:

  1. Windows IP (likely your Real IP)
  2. Windows traffic
  3. Whonix Tor traffic

If Teamviewer requires UDP, then you can not use it in your Workstation (over Tor) without a UDP tunnel.

my real hardware machine is linux.and there is oracle vm installed on it.and whonix gataway run on oracle vm .and there is windows vm connected to whonix gataway.and i want to install vpn to windows machine that connected to whonix gataway.question is when runing vpn on workstation.my real ip readed buy vpn or they just see trafic came from tor.am i clear? sorry for english.

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like I said, as long as the VPN is in the WS, there is no way for it to find your IP out.

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thank you very much Ego

thank you very much patrick its very usefull

hi Ilker, if your main OS doesnt compromised, nothing gonna happen i think, right guys ? and please take a look at WebRTC leak for internal IP usage leaking and i think in whonix WebRTC fixed.

WebRTC is browser-specific technology. Whonix does not do anything to defend against WebRTC. So using Iceweasel in Whonix Workstation would still leak your internal IPs. However, Tor Browser disables WebRTC by default.

entr0py thanks i meant that what you say totally.

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