VPN on Whonix-Windows-Workstation

Hi Adrelanos,

In default Whonix-Debian-Workstation I am able to run vpn with the instructions from https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Tunnel_Proxy_or_SSH_or_VPN_through_Tor and it works well to avoid tor bans.

But how do I setup openvpn on a Whonix-Windows7-Workstation? I have installed Openvpn and from the vpn provider I have an .ovpn file (TCP).

And when I want to use Tor Browser inside Whonix-Windows7-Workstation for browsing with the VPN ip, how and which settings do I have to change?

Thank you very much in advance and keep up the good work on this great Whonix system!

This is a mixture of:

Can you make head or tail of it and improve documentation?

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