VPN instead of Tor

Hi all,

I need to use a site that doesn’t allow connections through Tor but does allow connection through VPNs. Whonix offers a lot of hardening and privacy features in addition to Tor. I would like to take advantage of these. Therefore, I would like to use Whonix with a VPN instead. Could someone please tell me if I can use Whonix with a VPN instead of Tor? If not, which software would be best for me to use?

Note: I understand that Tor + VPN is generally a bad idea and that VPNs simply move trust from ISP to someone else (unlike Tor which is not based on trust)

Thank you.

(Whonix is based on Kicksecure.)


Thank you for replying. Just so I am clear: are you recommending that I use kicksecure with a VPN for my needs as outlined in the OP or are you simply stating that it is an option? I’ve not used kicksecure before so I am not sure if it would require more configuration than the average distro (fedora, ubuntu etc) to get started. Am I correct in thinking that I can simply

  1. install kicksecure to usb
  2. install protonVPN
  3. then launch a browser and proceed like I would with any other distro?

Since Whonix is based on Kicksecure… If you already used Whonix and are OK with it, then Kicksecure might not be much of a challenge either.

I am not aware of any VPNBOX alike projects but these might exist.

I wanted to say, if you like to have the security hardening, check out https://www.kicksecure.com.

For more detailed questions for Kicksecure, check out the website and then head over to https://forums.kicksecure.com if there are still other questions.

I didn’t test. Don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

Yes, this works. Just install the Proton VPN Debian version and use it normally.

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