VPN in Whonix Workstation

I would use a VPN in Workstation to have a longer tunnel. I have found a vpn+tor service, is it possible to utilize it? Are there any problems with another tor in Workstation?
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VPNs are explained here: Combining Tunnels with Tor

You shouldn’t create a “Tor-over-Tor-Scenario”.

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Hi Ego
Thank you for your answer, the scenario would be Tor–>Vpn–>Tor
Is this reduce the anonymity?
I want to increase the tunnel length, is vpn in workstation enough?


Tips on Remaining Anonymous.

If I understand correctly, I think you’re asking if interrupting the chain by placing a VPN in the middle is enough to prevent Tor-over-Tor? It’s still Tor-over-Tor and no one knows with confidence what the implications are.

I think this FAQ from torproject.org might be helpful:
You should let people choose their path length.

You can achieve an arbitrary number of Tor hops by using nested VMs or VPNs with their own Tor routers (I think that’s what your OP was referring to.) Questionable whether that helps. Probably more helpful to route through another anonymization network or a chain of VPNs. See: Creating Nested Chains of VPN’s & Tor

Note: your traffic might be sitting unencrypted on any VPN server. If your traffic is so sensitive that you feel you need 7 hops, I doubt you would want to trust that traffic to a VPN provider or VPS host. At a minimum, you would need to ensure that only encrypted protocols are used.

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