VPN causing connection issues with Whonix in VirtualBox

I am running whonix inside virtual box

Whonix running in VirtualBox will rarely connect and when it does it can stay connect for 2 hours but more often than not the workstation loses connection within 5 minutes.


I boot up machine, connect to internet, connect to vpn, open VB, start whonix gateway with default NAT settings

From here, gateway starts and 9 times out of 10 I get Tor bootstrap test

More often than not, that test fails and I have to restart gateway and try again

If the gateway eventually connects, the time normally will not sync

If the gateway’s clock syncs, I scream, “THANK YOU!”, and then start workstation

If I am extremely lucky, the workstation will receive data from the gateway and I can update or whatever but, sometimes the internet connection just freezes on the workstation

If I tab over to the gateway, it appears to be still getting data from the host because the network icon is blinking crazy but if I do a whonix check on the gateway (after the workstation connection froze) it never completes, even though the network light is constantly blinking

RINSE AND REPEAT all day yesterday!!

Host connection works fine even with vpn
I have not booted up whonix many times without vpn running but when I have it seems to not lose connection

Why does whonix hate my vpn?

Apologies for the haste in typing this up as I may lose connection any second

Hi Bam_Bam

Could you be more specific when you say the internet connection freezes on Whonix-Workstation. Does Whonix-Workstation freeze up entirely i.e. the screen is frozen and you are not able to use any other application? If this is what is happening it could be a RAM issue.

Otherwise, since you are able to connect intermittently with VPN and with no loss of connectivity without VPN. This could be Tor network congestion coupled with your VPN limiting your normal (host only) network throughput.

Keep in mind when you add a VPN your are increasing tunnel length. This will likely decrease throughput depending on your location compared to the location of the VPN server.

If the problem is throughput its not a Whonix issue. Its a Tor and/or VPN issue.


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