VM VirtualBox Disk Encryption secure?

No knowledge about it.

(Split from How long would you be willing to wait at boot for full disk encryption?)

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@Patrick Thank you for having splitted my answer regarding the boot time survey and created this thread.

So here I am with a new question for the VM VirtualBox users : How would you qualify the disk encryption proposed by Oracle ? Is that secure or just a “gadget” ? (See above screenshot)

Thank you for sharing your expericence.

Hi Cottonwoodhill

It certainly can’t hurt but its no replacement for FDE on the host. This might be useful if a user only had seconds to shutdown their system.

https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Full_Disk_Encryption_and_Encrypted_Images#Encrypted_Guest_Images might apply.

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Hi 0brand

Thank you for your reply.

What do you mean by FDE on the host ? Is that actually possible to do so or is it that a feature that will be inculded in some futur version of Whonix ?

In Patrick's documentation referring to Encrypted Guest Images I have read that LUKS: Disk Encryption is proposed to create an encrypted container. Is that what you are referring to ? Should I go this way ?

Thank you for your great advice.

Your question gets answered on the Wiki page Patrick posted.

To protect against theft or robbery of personal information or data, users should apply FDE (Full Disk Encryption) on the host, and power off their computer when exposed to higher-risk situations like traveling.

More encryption can’t hurt but FDE is a must.

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Dear goldstein-otg

Thank you for pointing out again the Wiki page that Patrick posted. To be honest, I haven’t had a look on all the articles but I’ll read it carefully and will come back to you all if I have any question.

Thanks to @Patrick, @0brand & @goldstein-otg for showing me the way to go.

Cheers :blush:

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