Virtualiser hyperv virtualbox unsupported by developers

Been using whonix fine for months then all of a sudden it starts getting really slow and I get the message in the subject line. Anyone know how I can fix this?

thanks for the help,

Very strange. What Whonix version are you using?

What is the output of


Did you upgrade to Debian testing?

What virtualizer are you using? VirtualBox?

Nevermind, have fixed it now… it started happening right after I updated Windows, I just went to ‘programs & features’ unticked ‘Hyper V’ and everything is working smoothly again.

Yes I was running virtualbox with Whonix 9.4 i beleive


We should fix that. Can you re-enable that please and then run.

Because in future otherwise many users will likely be afflicted and report this.

All it says is…


Thanks. Just committed an untested (because I have no such test system) fix to git.

If you like to test, take (perhaps click “raw” and replace contents of /usr/lib/whonixcheck/check_virtualizer.

kdesudo kwrite /usr/lib/whonixcheck/check_virtualizer

If you like to check the difference, use meld or so, it’s a pretty simple change.