(Virtualbox) - Firefox - Freeze

Problem on newest Virtualbox; - External Firefox and Virtualbox freeze! Does not work together!


Hi ef86

Could you please provide more details.

  • Does this mean Whonix and/or Tor Browser also freezes or is this just virtualbox/firefox
  • What version of Virtualbox?
  • How did you install Virtualbox?
  • Do other apps freeze with whonix with this VBOX version
  • Any other details that you think would be helpful?

You mean Whonix running inside VirtualBox and Firefox on the host (outside of VirtualBox) will lead to freeze?

Sounds like a low RAM issue. The number of tasks your computer can perform at the same time is limited by system resources such as CPU, HDD and RAM. Try to

  • terminate other unneeded applications
  • find out what wastes RAM
  • add more RAM
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Why didn’t i think of that?

Please see:



Dear 0brand. I am working with Red Had Enterprise Linux @ the Moment. The Problem ist, that FF freesez the Virtualbox.( virutalbox/firefox)I dont know why.

vb - 6.0.4
Install - regulary
Freeze others? NO, Only VB
Another Details: RAM: 32gb ddr4
Gateway: 4gb
Workstation: 4gb

Best Regards


Dear Patrick. RAM just tested. ALL OK! No other applications runs…

using Windows OS?

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On root system i am using a REDHAD Enterprise Linux 8. I do not use Windows.

i see well can you make the experiment while using Debian as host?

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Please excuse me for answering so late. It works with Debian! The solution! Thank you for the help and support!


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