VirtualBox available for ARM Macs - Will Whonix support it?

Hey there!

As VirtualBox is now also available for Apple Silicon Arm64 Macs (M1/M2) (“Developer preview for macOS / Arm64 (M1/M2) hosts” on the download page of VirtualBox) are you going to support this platform as well? Would be super nice to have a signed image also for Arm64.



Someone would have to pickup and continue this first:

Also depends on if cross building will be possible (seems likely).

Signatures are a different topic.

Whonix VirtualBox images signed with MacOS’s native gatekeeper mechanism (command line tool codesign on MacOS) seems highly unlikely unless someone would contribute this. That goes for all platforms (Intel / AMD64 and ARM64). This is because Whonix images are build on Linux and there are no Open Source command line applications in Debian capable of creating gatekeeper compatible signatures.


Also I don’t even know, doesn’t look like it at first sight, if arbitrary files such as VM images can be signed using gatekeeper. It might be required to create a Whonix MacOS installer, which I don’t know if VM images packaged that way would be acceptable to Apple. Lots of research and implementation work.

Meanwhile however if this was supported then the usual OpenPGP signatures would be provided.

Thanks for the fast and detailed answer! :slight_smile:

Regarding the signing in fact I meant an OpenPGP signature. I just want to be sure that the VM images are not tempered with before I run them and they are in a correct state. Currently when you follow the tutorial for ARM using UTM a lot of stuff can go wrong. Therefore, a OpenPGP signed image would be ideal to know that at least the initial state of the VM is correct.

I would love to help, but as my coding skills are not so advanced I’ll just wait patently if someone is tackling arm support for the Whonix dependencies :crossed_fingers: Thanks!