VirtualBox 32 cpus limitation

I want to assign my Workstation more than 32 cores (and yes, they are physically, I do not have problems assigning 32 cores but I want to increase the number of assigned cores to the Workstation)

Reading this link github dot com/docker/machine/issues/3871 and VirtualBox’s documentation also says that maximum number of cores are 32. Meanwhile VMware offers support up to 768 cores, is there any way that VirtualBox can be “hacked” to increase the maximum number of cores allowed? Maybe removing the limitation in the source code and compiling it again?

Maybe @Patrick already have the solution?


No, I don’t have the solution. Didn’t even have the question. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time to reply! i will continue investigating then. By the way, nice Information Booster section!

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