Virt-manager doesn't show Whonix vms

I’m not sure where I went wrong. I followed the instructions on the kvm page for installing and running Whonix via kvm/libvirt. I get them running just fine but only as root. If I start up virt-manager as user, it is empty and I cannot add/see any vms but if I start it as root/superuser then whonix gateway and workstation show up and work fine.

I added a kvm and libvirt group and added myself to them but still no show as user. How do I fix this?

Try doing it with addgroup instead of usermod or the opposite and report back.

Hi praedor,

Let me know which OS you are running as your Host.

Be aware that certain operating systems, such as Gentoo Hardened, only permit viewing, modifying, or running virt-maanger/KVM Guests as root. There is nothing inherently wrong, or dangerous about this. After all, the default KVM image directory is at: /var/lib/libvirt/images, which, of course, is a root owned directory.

Other OSes, like Fed 22, are more relaxed, and allow virt-manager to be run by normal users.