virt manager can't 2048 mb ram but 2047 , that is security risk?

better set for example 1536 mb ? mean by that , can see someone through internet the amount of ram having on pc and if he see 2047 and not 2048 he will understood that the pc is not physical but virtual , because in psysical will showing 2048? Thanks.

Good day,

as far as I know, there is at the moment no way of accessing hardware information on such a “low level” over for example a browser. Neither JavaScript, nor any other often for tracking used programing language, which you can run in your browser, is capable of doing this. So, unless you mail someone your log files or give him access to your system (two things which should never be done) you should be fine.

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Technical extra info:
For completeness sake… It is a less important identifier [requires
root compromise] as per
Most likely very much negligible, because we likely never get to
obfuscate the others so this one would really matter.


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