Veracrypt stopped working after updating to whonix 17

Veracrypt 1.26.7 on whonix 17 does not mount containers. I’m getting an error:
“Failed to create a file or directory in a temporary directory. Please make sure that the temporary directory exists, its security permissions allow you to access it, and there is sufficient disk space: /tmp/user/4xxxxxxxxx/.veracrypt_aux_mnt256”

On whonix 16 it worked. Whonix 17 (16 too) works on Qubes Anyone have an idea? I’m not very good at computer science :frowning_with_open_mouth:

Potential cause:
(Depend on libpam-tmpdir for very solid extra security by monsieuremre · Pull Request #147 · Kicksecure/security-misc · GitHub)

Potential workaround (untested) 1)

mkdir /tmp/user/4xxxxxxxxx/.veracrypt_aux_mnt256

Potential workaround (untested) 2)

  1. Unset libpam-tmpdir related environment variables.


  2. Start VeraCrypt from command line from the same terminal tab.

Please try and let me know if any workaround works for you.

How to fix, contribute to Open Source?

  1. Install Debian.
  2. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt install libpam-tmpdir
  3. reboot
  4. try if you can reprouce that VeraCrypt bug on Debian
  5. report the bug to VeraCrypt directly since that would be a VeraCrypt bug being incompatible with libpam-tmpdir

I encountered this before. Simple fix.

sudo mkdir -p /tmp/user/xxxxxxxxxx/

It works and persists.

In the past I also had to set the permission of the directory to my user, but I did not have to do that this time. If you encounter a permission error, also run:

sudo chown user: /tmp/user/xxxxxxxxxx/
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