Veilid - "like Tor and IPFS had sex"

Veilid is going to be a game changer, and I think Whonix devs should keep an eye on it for integration into the project.

It makes substantial improvements to Tor network design. The website has an overview - slides from the DEFCON launch are here, which cover the internals. The talk recording should be up soon.

Beta invites to the mobile flagship app (VeilidChat) will be available via the Discord in the coming weeks, Linux coming sometime after.

“IPFS was not designed with privacy in mind,” Rioux told the DEF CON crowd. “Tor was, but it wasn’t built with performance in mind. And when the NSA runs 100 [Tor] exit nodes, it can fail.”

Unlike Tor, Veilid doesn’t run exit nodes. Each node in the Veilid network is equal, and if the NSA wanted to snoop on Veilid users like it does on Tor users, the Feds would have to monitor the entire network, which hopefully won’t be feasible, even for the No Such Agency. Rioux described it as “like Tor and IPFS had sex and produced this thing.”

“The possibilities here are endless,” added Bowden. “All apps are equal, we’re only as strong as the weakest node and every node is equal. We hope everyone will build on it.”