Vbox occasionally hangs while maxing out host disk read


My whonix will occasionally become non-responsive. The clock will nearly stop (advancing a few seconds per minute of real time). This more commonly happens after long periods of uptime, but has also happened with less than one hour. It’s much more common on gateway, but workstation has the same freeze sometimes.

On the host, the VM can be seeing reading from the disk where it’s stored at max read rate, indefinitely (100s to 1000s of GB read sometimes elapses before I notice it). The session i nfo shows the same.

A simple reboot of the VM always solves it.

Windows10 host with Vbox 7 latest stable, though issue occurred on vbox 6 branch as well.

Is this any kind of security risk or some edgecase bug/resource issue?

how many RAMs given to GW and WS?

hope you are already on whonix 17 with latest upgrades.

GW has 3 CPUs and 3GB RAM; WS 4 CPUs and 4GB RAM.

I syscheck and upgrade-nonroot daily, but am on 16 per cat /etc/whonix_version. I will investigate upgrade, but this issue is old (pre 17 release).

Try General VirtualBox Troubleshooting Steps.

(Whonix is based on Kicksecure.)