Vbox error VT-X not available

Hello. Can you help me fix ?screenshot

Sorry, why add log in topic?

Not a Whonix related error.

In order to run a virtualization software such as VirtualBox your CPU must have the capacity for virtualization.

It is often not enabled by default and must be enabled in the BIOS/UEFI settings of your particular machine.

So either your CPU does not have the capacity to run virtualization or you must manually enable it.

A simple search on any search engine with your error message would have given you thousands of similar replies by the way… You should always look for a solution online before asking.

EDIT: removed the reference to a particular search engine, don’t need more publicity…

I searched, but I cant see solution.
CPU without VT-x, old Pentium M. CPU not compatible for Vbox+whonix ?

Unfortunately no, it is way too old.

Thank you