v3 (prop 224) .onion for Whonix website


Definitely Whonix-specific. All Debian v2 onions functional, all v2 search engines functional etc. A huge pity with fortasse leaving at this critical time.


Do you think you can fix the v3 onion? @Ego


To try and solve this in the absence of a webmaster, wouldn’t it be worth capturing the relevant logs and sending to tor-talk or similar?

No doubt various errors are popping up in Tor logs on the server, probably similar to:

Also, couldn’t the v3 instance also be recreated as a test to see if it is at least reachable?


Open prop224 bugs are here:



Back online.



It’s nerve-wracking trusting CAs to login to Whonix. Ditto edits. :slight_smile:

Do we know why it went down?



That is a personal thing but why the onions went down does have nothing to do with fortasse stepping down.