Using WS15 VM with GW16

I have an app I need to run that doesn’t connect in WS16. It runs perfect in WS15 with GW16. By doing this am I risking my security and anonymity? I know WS15 doesn’t receive updates anymore.

Discouraged because there’s no security support. Nobody looking for and/or fixing security issues in deprecated versions.

I figured as much. Malware would still have to infect and break out of the VM to find IP though right?

2 more questions I had that I’ll just ask you here instead of making a new thread is is it important to have multiple whonix gateways? I have multiple workstations using the same gateway. If identity 1/workstation1 and identity 2/workstation 2 are using the same gateway is it easier to link them together versus each identity using a different gateway?

I recently found out that all Qube VM’s share the same Mac address. Isn’t this bad opsec? I feel like they could all be linked.

Please 1 topic = 1 forum thread. Please do not mix multiple questions into the same forum thread. Please edit / open separate forum threads (after seraching).


But VM compromise should not be taken lightly and be prevented. Exfiltreation of all data, fingerprinting of keystrokes are two issues coming quickly to mind that should be avoided.

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