Using Wmware instead of Virtualbox for Windows hosts

Hello there,
I recently read about “Challenges Upgrading VirtualBox” and “Deprecation of VirtualBox on Linux hosts” and I believe deprecating Virtualbox completely and using Vmware can fix these issues and improve user experience significantly.

I want to say that I’ve been using Whonix on Vmware Workstation for two years now. My original reason for switching to Vmware was graphics support, After Virtualbox 6.0 release graphics accelation it was so bad even moving windows or scrolling in tor browser are painful to do. After converting virtual machine to Vmware format, removing *virtualbox* and installing open-vm-tools works without issues. Because open-vm-tools are maintained by Debian, there should be no development overhead like virtualbox.

I can help testing on both Wmware Workstation and Wmware Player if needed.

VMware is non-freedom software. Therefore, please see: