Using wlan0 to Connect to Internet on Physical Isolating Gateway


So I am wanting to create a physical middlebox (or as Tor and Whonix is calling it a Physical Isolating Gateway) but the device I am using only has one Ethernet port and one Wireless card.

What I am wanting to do is connect the workstation (which will run on hardware and not a virtual machine ~ please don’t ask why) via Ethernet and then connect the Gateway to my router via Wifi. Is this possible? How would one go about doing this?

I have been reading Whonix’s Physical Isolation guide but need more detail on this part.

Thank you,

If it possible to get Whonix Workstation running on a powerpc? If not, I have a secondary device that uses x64 but would still prefer to use the powerpc.

The gateway is running on a 64bit operating system (Debian Stable/Jessie) and has no DE (but will install one if needed).

Just now finished improving documentation on that topic a bit.


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