Using Whonix in different qubes simultaneously?

Could someone help me to understand this properly?


From there, i can understand that i should not use more than one Whonix-workstations at once, but does this apply if one of them is not using any whonix-gateway??


And here says: When multiple Whonix-Gateway ™ are run in parallel, the risks explained in the [Multiple Whonix-Workstation ™: Safety Precautions] section equally apply.

Does this apply just for whonix-workstation’s or for all qubes?
I suppose that it does just for whonix-workstation’s cause my system updates over tor using sys-whonix, should i in this case create a different gateway? or even if i use a different gateway, one for the whonix-workstation and one for system-updates and other non-whonix qubes, would i be able to use those simultaneously?

What I’m trying to figure out is if it is safe and possible to run simultaneously something like that:

[whonix-ws1 >> sys-whonix] + [whonix-ws2 >> (none)] + [fedora >> sys-whonix] + [updates >> sys-whonix]

Or even this:

[updates >> sys-whonix] + [ whonix-disposable >> sys-whonix-1] + [whonix-ws2 >> sys-whonix-2] +[fedora >> sys-whonix-3]

thanks in advance

Any parallelization of online activities is non-ideal as per:

Tips on Remaining Anonymous chapter Only Connect to a Server Either Anonymously Or Non-anonymously in Whonix wiki