Using VPS with TOR ?

3 quick questions:

  1. When I connect to a VPS (NOT a VPN) from the command prompt, does the trafic go trough the TOR network automaticly or do i need to do something to direct it?

  2. Can a VPS see my true IP, I know that there are some javascrypt exploits that deanonymize people that use tor but when connecting to a VPS is there a possibility to be deanonymized via the connection?

  3. If I use tails as my OS and i connect to a VPS, does the trafic go trough the TOR or do i need to set up something.

  1. If the system you’re using is something like TAILS or Whonix, then connections are supposed to go through Tor. If you are not using an anonymity distro then you would need to command the connection to go through Tor (by using something like torsocks)

  2. There are way too many factors for a simple answer here. Read the Whonix wiki, that can answer a lot of your questions.

  3. See 1.

Hi justcurious

Whonix forces all traffic through the Tor network or blocks it.

The hypervisor isolates Whonix-Workstation (where applications are run) from the host.This prevents Whonix-Workstation from obtaining any knowledge of your external IP address (i.e. your real IP address).

As mentioned above in “Remote Admin”- Surfing Posting Blogging applies:

Tails also uses Tor. But this isn’t the forum for Tails “How to…”

Yes everything is piped through Tor. Though you should be aware that if you paid for the VPS using a payment form traceable to you then Tor doesn’t help.

Yes if the remote admin software you are using has an exploit and you are targeted then they can infect the workstation and then attempt a VM break out. It depends on how valuable your compromise is to an advanced attacker. I doubt you are that valuable since you are asking these questions

For TAILS support you should talk to the devs there. TAILS is also designed to force traffic through Tor but the design is different.

is using VPS or RDP safe in terms of potential exploits, I mean can a vps give me some maware just by connecting to one?

Yes, if the software connecting to the VPS has a vulnerability that gets

If instead whonix workstation I use kali linux is it as safe as whonix workstation (is there, in this chain the hypervisor, which isolates kali from the host ?) And this prevents Whonix-Workstation from obtaining any information about your external IP address (i.e. your real IP address)?

It would be. Note that since tools on Kali are probably not aware of Tor stream isolation they would all go thru the same Tor exit. Probably not a big deal but somethin you should be aware about.

Using paid VPNs is a guaranteed way to destroy your anonymity. They follow the paper trail back to you.

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Ok, if I understood right, using kali linux instead whonix workstation with whonix gateway is safe. Thanks.

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