Using {{Version}} template in Dev/Build_Documentation/8_*

I don’t think using {{Version}} for build documentation is a good idea. My idea is to keep build for older versions archived and unchanged for history purposes. We don’t have to archive all old flavors (short; in a VM) but I guess at least the full ones should be.

Also what about Whonix 9 build instructions short? Do you plan to update the existing article once Whonix 9 is released and refer to the Whonix 9 build documentation full in meanwhile? I am ambivalent here. However you prefer since you’re maintaining in a VM and short anyway. So I don’t want to tell you how to do it. Just wanted to raise, that the {{Version}} template may not work so well in all cases.

What about {{Version8}} and {{Version9}}?

For 8.x releases I use {{Version8}}, last version gets archived, we start fresh with 9 and {{Version9}}?

Archives for Short & in a VM are not needed IMO. I’ll modify them as we go forward.

That would work. And then there would be real value in in these templates.