Using the Whonix gateway to route LAN traffic to the TOR network


Is it possible to use the Whonix gateway to route all my LAN traffic through the TOR network ? I already have a Linux server running several Virtualbox VMs, including the IpCop firewall that sits between my LAN and my broadband router. I’m wondering if I can add the Whonix gateway VM to the server, redirect the IpCop output to the Whonix gateway and connect the Whonix gateway to the physical NIC that connects to my broadband router ? Is this something it’s worth looking at or have I got it completely wrong ???


IpCop not involved.

This should do:

Hi Patrick, many thanks for the quick reply, what I want to do looks very achievable from the linked article.

My current setup has a minimal Xubuntu host OS supporting a 4TB RAID disk array and three Virtualbox VMs, the host OS does nothing else. The VMs are a file server that has access to the host RAID array as a shared folder, a Postfix IMAP mail server and the IpCop firewall. All three have bridged static IPs on my LAN and IpCop connects to a second NIC that connects to my broadband router. What actually are the risks of running the Whonix gateway in this environment as the notes state ‘We recommend to use no additional Virtual Machine for the Whonix-Gateway’. If this is too risky I’ll just stick the Whonix gateway into a low spec PC and plug it in between the server and broadband router


To my knowledge it’s more theoretical and has never been tested by anyone from the Whonix team. There might have been a very few users who reported using it that way, though.

Ok thanks. So far the only issue I’ve had with the current VM setup was omitting to disable IPV6 in the host OS and finding I could bypass the IpCop firewall :frowning: I’ll have a play wth the Whonix gateway and see how it goes :slight_smile:


Hi Patrick,

Standard install is working great, nice work. I like the ability of the gateway to enable/disable the graphical desktop simply by changing the amount of RAM available to it in the VM :slight_smile:

I’m not a great fan of the KDE desktop, I currently like the Linux Mint Cinnamon desktop. Is there anything in particular to watch out for if I use a different desktop in the workstation ?


No great answer to this, best answers are:

Many thanks Patrick, I’ll see how it all goes.