Using the Optional Build Configuration Settings

On this guide, it has optional Build Configuration options. There is a couple I want/need to use thing is, I do not know how to use/apply these options.

Can someone help me with:

  • Terminal-Only Builds
  • 64bit Builds
  • Whonix APT Repository

Thank you

Broken. See:



Functional. Documentation on that has just now been greatly simplified. Please check if it is clearer now.



I guess you did see the expand button? Anyhow. Just now added an example that should make this clearer.


Just now noticed this thread in the physical isolation sub forum. In that case, architecture 64 bit specific build parameters are not even required. This is because the architecture is set up already by the Debian installation.

Then unless you do this often, I also would not worry about Whonix APT Repository enabling during physical isolation build either. You can just run whonix_repository tool to enable it after first boot of Whonix. (As per https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Whonix-APT-Repository.)

With this, is it saying a DE needs to be installed? If so, will LXDE do or will it need KDE?

Oh sweet, I guess seeing the 64bit build in the optional “Build Configuration” just confused me thinking Whonix needs some effort to run on 64bit.

So pretty much if I run whonix_repository it will check for updates every boot with whonix-check?

I would be using Whonix via KVM virtual machine however my hardware isn’t top notch (luckily I keep all my old computers for physical isolations).

KDE will be installed unless you hack the build script.

64 bit is mentioned there because using wiki templates. Simplifies things in absence of a dedicated physical isolation maintainer. There is very little time to maintain physical isolation builds.

Once per day, not boot. As usual. (As per https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Whonixcheck.)

I doubt using physical isolation with KVM has ever been tested. Nor I doubt it’s supported by KVM maintainer @HulaHoop.

Right its not supported. However if @Adaying89 manages to get something like this working without any more effort then all the better.

Thanks so much for your help. Making life easier to have proper privacy and security.

[quote=“Patrick, post:6, topic:3592”]
I doubt using physical isolation with KVM has ever been tested. Nor I doubt it’s supported by KVM maintainer @HulaHoop.
[/quote] @HulaHoop

Sorry, I meant running Whonix normally (having both gateway and workstation on same host, but instead of VirtualBox using KVM due to VB not being free software).

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I am going to ask here so I am not spamming the threads.

When I preform git clean -ndff the output is not

Would remove packages/apparmor-profile-gwenview/ Would remove packages/kde-privacy/

but prints

Would remove packages/bindp/ Would remove packages/corridor/

What does this mean then? Should I be worried. I haven’t modified the source code in anyway, infact I just redownloaded the source code just incase I did mucking about with the “Build Configurations” earlier.

Sorry for bombard of questions but since my old laptop running Whonix in KVM died, I haven’t been able to use Whonix which for me is a big loss. Physical isolation seems to be an only recourse on my current hardware until I save up for a Qubes support device.

Packages that did not exist at time of Whonix 13 release.


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