Using Telegram without leaking IP?


I have setup Whonix XCFE gateway & workstation, run nessecary updates and installed telegram desktop from Debian resp. I used a virtual SIM to verify (phone validation) the account and set all security features to hidden. In sessions it does say “unknown” and the IP address is routed through TOR (also according to MyDevice website. Also used a dummy phone routed through a VPN and I also setup 2FA.

My question here is in regards to the network settings (now TCP) but should I instead setup a TOR Proxy, or leave everything as is? I can setup SOCKS5, but does it at this point provide more security and anonymity? If it is nessecary what hostname should I use “localhost” and port 9050 - or is all my traffic essentially routed through the TOR network at this point by default, no need to mess around?

What should my proxy settings be?

Answers will be highly appreciated.


All connections are routed over Tor. No exceptions. → Design and Goals chapter Whonix ™ Architecture in Whonix wiki

The reason of setting socks proxy settings is minor by comparison, it’s about stream isolation. See: