Using Stream Isolation Ports on multiple whonix workstations


I need some clarification regarding stream isolation & ports in multiple workstations & a single gateway in Qubes.

I use stream isolation extensively to isolate different chat accounts. I use a SocksPort from to 9159 for each separate account as per the whonix stream isolation doc

My question is if I have to re-use one of the aforementioned 7 ports (9153-9159) in a DIFFERENT workstation vm - is it still isolated from the same port in the other workstation when all workstations are going through the same whonix gateway proxyvm??

Yes because of Tor’s default IsolateClientAddr option as per https://www.torproject.org/docs/tor-manual.html.en.

Thanks for the reply - just wanted to check before replicating my setup for others.

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