Using PIA Inside Whonix?

First, I want to ask would this cause any security issues?

I wouldnt imagine so. Im not to versed in how Whonix operates but I wouldnt see as to why it would be.

Second, PIA offers Ubantu installation via Terminal installation. Being that Whonix is Debian based, thats not an issue is it?

Just covering things.

I searched around Whonix and couldnt find any topica relating to this.

And by doing this it would tunnel all my tor traffic through PIA and the output would be my selected tunnel from PIA when checking my IP correct?

Sorry if the questions are elementary. I’m a fast learner just d’ont prefer to encounter mistakes or mishaps.


Use OpenVPN implementation:
Could’ve sworn there was a doc page recommending it. Can’t find it.

VPN Tunnel Setup Examples ?

I remember a page subsection with OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP in bold letters. Maybe deprecated - might have been a year ago lol.

Well, overall it doesnt seem like a good idea to do, nor does it seem like Whonix developers recommend doing it. Recently my PC was hacked and I work for a tax firm and a lot of personal data was stolen. Someone suggested that I use and RDP. SO, while searching on security I came across whonix, seen it was linux based which ive heard was pretty secure and i know a very small bit about linux but enough to operate it. So, ive decided ro set up whonix and access an RDP through it…by doing that ive read that Remmina is the best for this in terms of security…so, would setting the VPN up inside of the RDP bet pretty good security wise…or should I set it up inside of Whonix? Thanks for the responses to guys.

Whoa! We need to take a step back. What are you trying to accomplish?

Are you looking to access a work computer from home securely?
You mention RDP. Where would you RDP to?
Do you need privacy when accessing Internet resources?
Are you looking to mitigate the effects of malware?

We’re all Whonix advocates here but it isn’t free in terms of learning curve and operating effort. You may be fine just using Linux with the Tor Browser Bundle… all depends on your threat model. Start here:

If you were hacked by a phishing attack, no amount of network security is going to help you. (Well you could whitelist IPs… but not the point).

I would guess that you were targeted by a spam campaign. The hackers probably sent you an email with a link that would be of interest to people in your industry, or the reliable favorite, porn. (Not accusing you of clicking on porn, of course. :slight_smile: ) That might have downloaded a RAT to provide remote access to your PC. I would guess you were running Windows, and not Ubuntu, when you were hacked?

I just wanna feel safe man.

both of these things :

Do you need privacy when accessing Internet resources?
Are you looking to mitigate the effects of malware?

And I want to be able to work on a windows system thats not my host as well…without it being tor traffic which can be blacklisted…which is why rdp should work well…but I wanted to use a vpn on the rdp or before the rdp to protect the data exchange i guess you could say

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sorry to tell you, but if you really work for a company handling such files we can’t help you. After all, keeping such things secure is the job of your admin. Normally, such an admin wouldn’t allow you to install anything (including Whonix) on a PC used for such critical things like the ones you talked about, especially after such a data breach. So, we won’t be able to help you there. I’d recommend Qubes for you, though the security there gets out the window if you really want to keep using Windows (even if it’s not on the host), as any mistake you make in there would be just as severe as if it was a host if you still access those critical data via that VM.

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