Using NPM on a Whonix Gateway to install node.js modules

edit: I got it all working…because installing the server on the gateway is NOT what you’re supposed to do. The server is on the workstation and everything is working proper. I could not have been more wrong about my approach if I tried. I’ll leave the URL up for a bit just in case if anyone wants to see (lol…).

I am trying to deploy a test hidden service site on the TOR network through my Whonix Gateway in Virtual Box that just says “Hello World!” when you visit the .onion url. I have succeeded in this task using PHP and Lighttpd; it was a breeze. I now want to do it with Node.js. The problem that I am facing is that NPM doesn’t work when trying to install modules via the terminal, such as npm install express. Has anyone gotten this to work? I have been all over the net trying to find guidance but this question is the first of its kind and my personal efforts haven’t worked at all. I know that manual methods of module installation exist, but managing numerous modules manually is just not feasible with huge projects.

Below is am image of the issue.

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  • Its Tor not TOR

  • If whatever you’re doing involves installing things on the Gateway then you are doing it wrong.

  • node.js is infamous for having shitty security - downloads and updates don’t even have basic security last I checked.

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