Using a VPN on the host-machine while connecting to the free public hot-spot

Hi there. Another questions from a newbie. If smth wrong with my english, sorry for that))

  1. Should i use a VPN on host machine before starting whonix on VB, if i want to connect to a free wi-fi hotspot?
  2. Should i turn off network card if i use wi-fi adapter? If yes, disable network card in BIOS will be enough?
  3. Any automatically update services must be turned off on host machine?
  4. If i want to use some messengers and crypto wallets it’s better to install them on whonix gateway, or on whonix workstation?
  5. There are many contradictory opinions about using VPN on host machine before whonix. While reading the whonix documentation i’ve realized that using VPN doesn’t give you an additional level of anonymity. But in russian-speaking forums about whonix and debian there are a lot of people who
    highly recommended to running a VPN server on your VPS and use it before whonix because it’s makes your connection safer and anonymous. Any thoughts about it?

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Same as above. After writing so much about it already, position should be clear.

We currently have no advice for that either way.

We don’t say that.

workstation certainly and since you’re asking such an essential thing, I’d recommend reading: