Using a Tor Bridge with HiddenVM


I am using VirtualBox and Whonix from within a hidden veracrypt volume using Tails. The code that allows VirtualBox to be run from a non system hidden volume is from Github: aforensics/HiddenVM. When the HiddenVM code is run from Tails it installs VirtualBox with updates and connects it to your VirtualBox Gateway and Workstation VMs on the hidden volume. Is it OK to use Tor Project provided transport obfs4 bridges when connecting to Tor in Gateway? Any thoughts would be appreciated.


I don’t recall any arguments why using Tor bridges versus not using bridges and even less so which sort of bridges to be used have any technical relation to where Tor (not even Whonix) is running.

This question seems unspecific to Whonix.

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What is unclear?

In other words, as an analogy. “I had apples for breakfast. Is it ok to wear sport shoes?”
Makes little sense. The one thing has nothing to do with the other.

If you run Tor Browser on a Debian host operating system, system Tor, Whonix or HiddenVM is unrelated to using bridges or not.

The answer is the same no matter where (Debian, Whonix, HiddenVM) Tor is running.

If Tor Project provided transport obfs4 bridges are OK in your use case then they are ok. If not, the not. But the choice of operating system / platform is unrelated.