User friendly GPG keychain?

Is there a user friendly, graphics-based (non terminal operated) GPG keychain for the Qubes/Whonix system? How do I download this? Thanks!

Documented here. Just now updated a bit.

Software - Kicksecure chapter OpenPGP (GnuPG Frontend) in Kicksecure wiki

(Whonix is based on Kicksecure.)

Working on the assumption you prefer a clicky GUI interface over the CLI… you can try out GPG4USB. (See pre-requisite below.)

Concerning the use in Linux, there is only 1 change to make to bring it up-to-date.

:warning: :warning:Very Important :warning: :warning:
You will need to replace the gpg binary in the BIN sub-directory with the gpg bin shipped by your Linux distro (usually found in the usr/bin sub-directory.

+++ To start this programme - you launch start_linux_64bit
You can import all your existing gpg entries into the adressbook.

+++ This is a self-contained addressbook and does not touch the gpg contact list in your regular Linux GPG cli setup.

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