Use of a different workstation than the official Whonix Workstation, safe?

Can I set up e.g. a Ubuntu virtual machine and simply select it to use Bridged Network, same as the real/official Whonix Workstation?

Will this be as secure as using the real/official Whonix Workstation?

If not, what is the difference? How is the Whonix Workstation more secure as long as they both use the bridged network and only can access the Whonix Gateway?

In both cases, they would access the Whonix Gateway, no changes.

Its all here (mostly)


Great, thanks again!

Updating with Extra Care

from https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Security_Guide#Updates

is missing, is there anything to be said about this? Do I need to update in a special way?

What should I look into myself? I’m curious.

That page is deprecated. The content has been moved to individual pages. You can find all of that in the Whonix Documentation.

Its recommended that all users read through the documentation at least once. It will take a while but well worth the effort.

Almost forgot. Those links found in the “Other Operating Systems” page have been fixed (by me just now).

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