USB Keyboard support for whonix-ws-15 based disp vms


This reiterates a question I asked in vain on the QubesOS google list …

In Qubes4.0 I’m fond of using torbrowser in a whonix-ws-15 based app VM for all
browsing that possibly works.

In parallel I manage all authentication using a Mooltipass device for
the storage of random long passwords - this little machine mimics a USB

Out of the box I am unable to use the Mooltipass device in dips VMs
based on whonix-ws-15 - why is that and how do I change it?

I just checked, and the whonix-ws-15 template out of the box has qubes-
usb-proxy installed - so missing that is not my problem.

Thanks for any hint.

Sincerely, Joh

If you are new to Qubes, are you assigning this device to the DispVM with the sys-usb desktop applet? Does it work with other AppVMs based on different templates?

You can use the ‘lsblk’ command within the target VM to see what devices are present. Last case, assign the usb PCI devices to that DispVM for a direct connection.

Good luck.

No, I’m not entirely new. And yes, I’m using the desktop applet for the attempted association - which works as advertised for fedora-31, as well as debian-10 based VMs, but not those based on whonix-ws-15.

Thanks for the lsblk hint - I will check that next.