upload Whonix packages to packages.debian.org

Actually does Whonix host have to include whonix apt sources?
Why not include the relevant Whonix packages in Debian servers, as done with all the other packages?


  • No obvious connection to Whonix servers (if updating with clearnet, or visible to exit node if going through Tor).
  • Not relying on the security level of whonix servers (secured to the same level as debian servers?)

That would be great in theory but not possible in practice.

  • This is a not only a social challenge but also a technical challenge, it requires becoming a (sponsored) maintainer.
  • Tied to Debian release cycle.
  • Debian doesn’t allow upload of configuration packages.
  • One could argue Linux Mint (or any Debian derivative) could become a Debian (Pure) Blend instead.

Since Libre licenses are being used anyone is welcome to work on uploading any Whonix packages to packages.debian.org.





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Nice answer, please add to the FAQ.

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Not really FAQ since asked for the first time ever, I guess. Move to wiki, yes, but not sure where it fits.

I’m pretty sure I asked it before :wink:

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“Whonix architecture” / “Whonix vs. Debian diff” page perhaps.