Upgrade between 2 whonix version

Maybe this has been already said somewhere, but what’s the recommended way to upgrade ? Are the dist-upgrade good enough? Or is it better to just transfer the files that has been modified manually and begin from scratch again and replace those files ?

it would probably be easier and less bandwidth heavy to download the new whonix ova/tar files and import your custom files. here’s a quick means of doing that.

  1. add a new virtual hd to your old whonix instances.
  2. copy the custom files that you need to the new virtual hd.
  3. download the new whonix tar/ova files.
  4. install the new whonix images.
  5. attach the virtual hds to which you copied your cutom files to the new installed whonix instances.
  6. copy your files over as needed.

you’ll have a less bloated whonix install, less risk of various upgrade issues, and won’t have to go through multiple lengthy download procedures with the dist-upgrade instructions. just confirm that you’ve successfully copied all of the custom files you need to the new whonix installations before you delete your old images.

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Okey that’s what I thought but I wasn’t sure. Thanks.

Now documented here:

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