Updating to latest version of Whonix breaks sound in Tor Browser

Whonix ™ version and platform: Whonix-Workstation, Qubes 4.0.3
Affected component(s) or functionality: Sound in Tor Browser 9.5
Steps to reproduce the behavior: Update Whonix-Workstation template from to using apt-get. Run Tor Browser in an affected qube and attempt to play an audio or video file.
Expected behavior: Sound in Tor Browser works normally
Actual behavior: Audio files don’t begin to play at all when opened (no progress). No sound in video files.

It seems that updating Whonix-Workstation to the latest version ( breaks sound in Tor Browser. Tested with a newly created workstation and fresh Tor Browser, still broken. It works fine in other applications (such as VLC). It also worked fine before the update, in both Tor Browser and other applications. Any clues about what might be causing this?

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Confirmed - no sound in Tor Browser here also.

The much older no sound (at all) issue was fixed a long time ago by the default installation of qubes-pulseaudio in Whonix-WS (for Whonix 14). I wonder whether there was some upgrade that broke it.

Can’t see the problem listed on phabricator or qubes-issues:


Any idea @Patrick?

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No idea.

I cannot reproduce this. Sound works for me on YouTube in Tor Browser (Qubes-Whonix 15).

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