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I do not understand why Dino-IM is the main Instant Messenger Chat recommendation, specially having in mind following issues. It is more than clear than developers only want to accept servers with SRV records and they won’t update it to support jabber servers fully under hidden services. Also it is just my personal opinion of course, but once Gajim 1.4 is released it will be the best UX

I am aware that Whonix does not document or install by default software programs that are not in packages.debian.org but at least should be a mention/footnote to Ricochet-Refresh and Nheko-Reborn, both forks are maintained and both work in Whonix 16 (I tested both)

And I just want to mention that installing CopyIM using their last release works in Whonix 16 (I did not try to build it) and although they say the program is in the bullseye, it is not

@Patrick is it possible to include that information in the wiki? Thanks

//cc @HulaHoop @torjunkie

I presume you mean to reference Ricochet-refresh & Nheko-reborn.

I never preferenced the chat apps in that particular order i.e. 1-5.

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@acis Thanks for the update on Gajim. We need to update the page.

Ricochet-Refresh needs to be tested first to make sure the issues reported about the original were now resolved. @TNT_BOM_BOM please give it a try whenever and let us know if it works.

I am in favor of reinstating CoyIM since the fixes were added and are available in stable since we last reported it to them.

Nheko-reborn - I was a fan, but I witched to quarternion. Any reason to chose one over the other?


This is sad to say not anymore worthy:

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