Update whonix regularly but strange update from Linux please help??

hello I am currently running Whonix on Ubuntu using a VPN on the host. However the most recent Ubuntu update when I ran it I saw that it was trying to install a bunch of tor related updates generic tor, tor images, tor javascript and at least 20 other tor related updates, I do have the TBB installed on the host and it is up to date, once I saw all the updates I cancelled it before it had a chance to finish and figured I would ask you guys about it first. Is this normal if all my tor is up to date? Could this be a tor compromise on Linux Ubuntu or am I wearing a tin foil hat?? I am new to Whonix and linux and just want to be secure is it safe to install this Ubuntu update just like any other?


No. If your packages are up-to-date, then they shouldn’t be updated again.

But how do you know your packages are the latest versions?

Go here and figure out what the latest versions are:

Figure out what you have installed:
dpkg-query -l 'package*name' should work but I don’t know Ubuntu.

Nothing of Whonix’s doing - follow up on Ubuntu forums.

Not mutually exclusive. “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that they aren’t out to get you.” (Unlikely :slight_smile: )

There is not a lot that can be extracted from your description. Keep the log. Post the log.

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